Frequently Asked Questions

What is the referral process?

Any cancer patient or carer (age 18+) can self refer themselves to Star Throwers i.e. just contact us by phone or email for an initial discussion. One of our team will explain about what support Star Throwers may be able to offer you and your family. You will then need to fill in our short online Patient Questionnaire or Carer Questionnaire and depending on your query we might also require copies of your oncology notes. If this is case, we will guide you through the process of obtaining copies of your notes.

Is Star Throwers an alternative cancer clinic?

No, we not an alternative cancer clinic. All the information we provide is evidence-based.

Is Star Throwers an alternative to the treatment and advice I'm receiving at the hospital?

No. We offer complementary, additional support for people who wish to further understand and explore their treatment options and wish to be receive support in the form of complementary therapies, nutrition advice, counselling, gentle exercise classes and craft groups.

Does Star Throwers offer support for children with cancer?

Star Throwers is registered with the Charities Commission as a charity to support adults (18+) with cancer so unfortunately we are unable to provide direct support for children with cancer. We are, however, happy to refer parents to other children’s cancer charities and support parents in any way we can.

My spouse/mum/dad/son/daughter/brother/sister is struggling to cope with my cancer - can you offer them any help?

Yes. Star Throwers exists to support the carers just as much as we exist to support people with cancer. We are aware that, often, carers become the ‘cancer researcher’ in the family and can struggle with the demands of being a carer to someone with cancer. Almost all of our support services are available to carers.

Do I have to live in Norfolk / locally to benefit from your services?

Star Throwers is a local cancer charity with just one centre in Wymondham, Norfolk. However, we are happy to be contacted from people from all over as we are able to offer many of our services remotely via video and phone.

Do complementary therapies make any difference?

Complementary therapies for cancer – defined as therapies that complement conventional cancer treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy – are reportedly used by over 40% of people diagnosed with cancer and that figure is increasing as people learn more about the benefits from complementary therapies.

At Star Throwers, we offer a range of complementary therapies including: massage, reflexology, reiki, facials, and hypnotherapy that (from the experiences of previous service users) can help decrease stress, anxiety and enhance general wellbeing.

From the feedback we have received from our service users over 95% have said they found complementary therapies beneficial for them whilst going through their cancer or post-cancer treatment. For more information, visit our Complementary Therapies page.

What cancer types do you support? Is Star Throwers only for people with terminal cancer?

Star Throwers was founded initially to specifically support people with terminal cancer who had run out of conventional treatment options. However, we now have services to support people with any type of cancer and at all stages; whether they have just been diagnosed, are undergoing treatment, been told they’re terminal or are in remission.

Why would I want to know more about my cancer?

Cancer is a worrying prospect for many people to face and understandably we encourage you to follow your doctor’s advice. However, at Star Throwers we believe that by becoming educated and informed about your cancer and your treatment options, you will be empowered throughout your cancer journey to make the best decisions for you and your loved ones.

At Star Throwers we treat everyone we meet with compassion and sensitivity with full respect for your wishes.

What are Star Throwers' charges?

We do not charge a penny for the support we offer. Everything is offered completely free of charge for people with cancer and their loved ones.

This is only possible thanks to our amazing supporters who donate, fundraise and volunteer for our cause. Click here to find out more information about ways to support Star Throwers.