Prostate Cancer

Carl and Venetia’s Story (Prostate Cancer)

Hi my name is Carl. I’m a 55 yr old male who was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer in October 2014. It had already left the prostate and spread to my lymph nodes and is now in my spine and bone marrow.
In 2015 I had the 37 day radiation programme ( for a few minutes each day). I was also on hormone therapy which were injections and tablets and they made me feel very unwell. Unfortunately it didn’t work and the prostate cancer was still there. I then decided to take a more holistic approach (diet, life style etc).
Approximately 12 months ago I was waiting for a call back from one of the local GPs and the Dr that called after looking at my notes could see I was taking a more holistic approach. So she asked me about Star Throwers , which I hadn’t heard of and after discussing it with my GP. I then called Star Throwers and spoke to Steve. We had a really nice chat and I felt very comfortable.
Once there, there was an open fire, the volunteers made us comfortable and offered us a drink. We were also offered complementary therapies, which we booked for some and they were fantastic.
We have been going to Star Throwers for treatments for quite a few months now and we have never looked back. The treatments are second to none. We really don’t know what we would do without them because we feel part of a fantastic support group helping many people, some of which we have a chat with and a cuppa and encourage each other.
We are so grateful for this wonderful charity and would like to say a big Thank you from my wife and I.