Therapeutic Writing – Writing for Wellbeing

Writing is a useful tool to help you cope with how you may be feeling throughout your cancer or as a carer to a loved one with cancer.

These sessions are open to all patients, relatives, carers, volunteers and staff at Star Throwers. It is a safe, supportive, confidential place where you can write/talk about anything that you wish. There is no need for any experience of creative writing. Everyone is welcome.  Even if you think you cannot ‘write’ just come along and put pen/pencil to paper to write.  Throw out the ‘rules’ and find something that you can control for yourself.

If you wish you can use creative media as well – including drawing, colouring, collage, photographs, postcards and found objects that can be accommodated. There is an art box you can use to aid or inspire your writing. (not via Zoom)

There are no critiques of your writing. You don’t have to share anything if you do not wish to.  You are in control.  If you do not wish to take part in any exercise that is fine, you don’t have to write if you do not want to.  If things feel too much just put the pen down and close the notebook.

If you just wonder what it is all about then just come along for a session to try it out. You will be very welcome.

Jacqui is a qualified Person-Centred counsellor, supervisor and poet who has worked at Star Throwers for over five years in addition to running a private practice and facilitating writing for wellbeing groups and workshops. 

When? This group is currently being run via Zoom online on Thursdays 12.00 – 13.00pm monthly. Please check our ‘Events’ to see the sessions available.

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