Scar Therapy

Our therapist has been trained in RESTORE scar therapy. If you have recently had surgery, our therapist can treat your scar to help stimulate healing and soften fibrosis as the scar matures. Scar therapy can also be beneficial for older scars. The body is constantly renewing cells so your old scar can still improve when given the right stimulation.
About scar therapy sessions:

  • Scar therapy cannot make a scar disappear, but it usually generates improvements to symptoms such as pain or sensitivity.
  • Textural changes to the suppleness of the scar and surrounding tissue often occur.
  • We can also suggest self-care for you to continue at home.
  • The number of treatments you may require will be dependent on the scar issues and symptoms you are experiencing.
  • The treatment provided will always stay within your comfort levels.

“Today I attended Star Throwers to see Wendy for scar therapy. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2023, I had chemotherapy and then a mastectomy and lymph node removal of my left breast and nodes. After the operation it just felt so different and I was so worried that it wasn’t healing properly, it was a constant worry thinking I would have something else to deal with.


Wendy was absolutely lovely, I felt at ease straight away. Wendy did her magic and did a thorough check of the scar and surrounding area and did different massages to the area. She finished off with a lovely shoulder and neck massage. I am so pleased I went as my mind is at rest about my scar, going through cancer is hard so just having this done has meant so much and I am so thankful Star Throwers are able to offer this therapy. Wendy gave me lots of tips to do at home that I wouldn’t have known about if I hadn’t had gone.” – Kat