Nutrition And Diet Support

Star Throwers offers talks, one-to-one sessions and group Q&A sessions on cancer nutrition with our experienced and knowledgeable Nutritional Therapist. We also offer free ‘Nutritional Care Packages.

We aim to provide evidence-based information about food and nutrition to those affected by cancer. We are now able to offer all our nutrition services online and remotely as well as in-person.

Increasingly individuals with a cancer diagnosis are exploring complementary medicine alongside their traditional oncology treatment. Nutrition is particularly powerful since it is within the reach of every individual to implement dietary changes. At Star Throwers we aim to help guide you through the minefield of information and scientific evidence, in order to provide personalised advice on achievable and beneficial dietary changes, whether the goal is cancer prevention, support through a cancer diagnosis, or optimising remission.

Our nutrition support service includes:

  • ‘Nutrition Guidelines’ Talk – outlining simple ideas and dietary changes to empower a patient to make dietary changes which can help them manage their condition.
  • one-to-one consultations for those who are seeking more individual and personalised support.
  • group talks on specific nutritional areas such as Fermented Foods and Hormone Balancing.
  • free individually tailored cancer nutrition package including ‘Star Throwers – Recipe Booklet’ which has been put together by the Nutritionist, Edwina Green – containing recipes based around the Mediterranean style diet, which is anti-inflammatory, colourful, flavourful, and rich in plant-based foods. (Kindly funded by the Aviva Community Fund and National Lottery Fund).

Visit our ‘Events’ pages to find out about our upcoming Nutrition Q&A sessions available and email us to

“I was introduced to Edwina, the Nutritionist, who was so helpful and lovely to talk to. I really appreciated the personalised written report that she provided me with at the end of our meeting as I was able to refer back to it. (I make sure I have a side portion of cruciferous vegetables every evening!!). I found the nutritional service so informative. Edwina tailored her support around my personal concerns. She explained the risks of certain food groups, in particular sugary foods. We all know sugar is bad but it was interesting to understand that cancer can use sugar as fuel. I think it is important for cancer patients to have access to this service so that they can make informed lifestyle choices.”


“Thank you very much for your thoughtful Nutritional Care Package, to those that sponsor & support Star Throwers, each gift has been caringly thought through to suit and aid cancer patients. A compassionate gift that lifted my spirits along my new nutritional journey.”

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