Lymphoedema Support

Lymphoedema is a condition whereby lymph fluid builds up in an area of the body, such as the arms or legs, due to damage to the lymphatic drainage system, which can result from cancer or cancer treatments received e.g. surgical removal of lymph nodes to prevent cancer metastasis (spreading).

Star Throwers offers a Lymphoedema service run by a qualified lymphoedema therapist with a background in nursing.

Who is this service for?

We offer information, support and management for people who have been diagnosed with or who had cancer that:

  • are at risk of developing lymphoedema due to lymph node(s) removal surgery or radiotherapy to an area of the body
  • already have been diagnosed with lymphoedema
  • would like to discuss any aspect of lymphoedema, its risk factors, and self-management techniques.

What does the service offer?

  • Advice and monitoring to prevent lymphoedema
  • Advice on minimising the risk of developing complications associated with the condition
  • Skin care information
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage
  • Self Lymphatic Drainage
  • Kinesio Taping

“The therapist’s knowledge of the lymphatic system and her professionalism were of the highest order. She swept away my anxieties and my compression sleeve is so much more comfortable now. I could not have wished for a better service, all within the lovely atmosphere of the centre.” – Sonia

To discuss booking an appointment please call us on 01953 423304 or email