Supporting you

Star Throwers offers complementary and supportive therapies that can help people positively manage cancer-related symptoms – all our services are also available to carers.

Why do I need complementary therapies/supportive therapies as well as the cancer treatments I may be receiving?

Around 40% of people in the UK seek out complementary therapies or integrative therapies after receiving a cancer diagnosis. Studies have shown that people with cancer and those supporting them commonly experience a range of symptoms including stress, anxiety, fatigue, pain, nausea, insomnia and hot flushes.

Furthermore, some people find they still have symptoms or side effects after finishing cancer treatment e.g. lymphoedema, depression.

What can Star Throwers do to help?

Star Throwers offer a range of supportive therapies  which are based on research and evidence as well as feedback from the patients and carers that use our services.

Please visit the pages below to find out more about the support we offer: