Our Supporters

We are incredibly grateful to the companies, organisations and individuals who have supported Star Throwers over the years. Below are some quotes from these organisations as to why they have chosen to support Star Throwers and what it means to them.

We would like to say a huge THANK YOU to borne who have helped create this wonderful new website for Star Throwers. Borne have worked on our new logo, our new ‘look’ and created this website so we can work more efficiently and tell more people about how Star Throwers can support them.

Carole Osborne, founder of the agency, said that working with Star Throwers has been a great opportunity to give back to the community:

“We’re thrilled to have been able to donate a new website to Star Throwers and we hope the new website design and functionality will help raise greater awareness to those that really need to access the services provide by Star Throwers. The organisation’s work is invaluable for many people and the whole borne team are pleased to have been able to help such a vital local charity.”

Fosters Solicitors chose Star Throwers as their Charity of the Year throughout 2018. Fosters supported Star Throwers with regular fundraisers, sponsoring our events, displaying a collection tin and dedicating their Charity Will Month in November.

“Star Throwers is a charity close to the hearts of many of our employees, which is why so many members of staff voted for them to be our charity of the year 2018. We have been honoured to support Star Throwers over the last year, to see the incredible effort and kindness and enthusiasm they put into everything they do, and to be able to help them continue to achieve the things they do is quite humbling.

Star Throwers appreciates any help they receive, no matter how big or small. For the people they support, there can be host of issues beyond the emotional turmoil that may seem daunting and overwhelming. We are happy to be able assist Star Throwers by providing a supportive approach to help people through the various legal obstacles which may arise out of such circumstances. We are so pleased to be able to get involved with such an incredible charity and look forward to seeing what amazing things they do next.”

We were chosen as one of the charity recipients of monies raised at the annual Great Ellingham Teddy Bear Festival. Star Throwers was donated £1500 by the committee, we had a bear in the village trail and a stall at the Fun Day – all these means of support help to raise awareness of Star Throwers and fund our services.