Star Throwers Guide to Cancer Book

Every cancer journey is different, but one thing they have in common is the need to acquire useful knowledge quickly.

It’s not just the unfamiliar terminology that a cancer diagnosis brings. It’s the conflicting information from different sources. It’s the need to make informed decisions in the face of uncertainty. It’s worrying about diet and treatment and coping with stress.

The Star Throwers Guide To Cancer, by Pan Pantziarka, is a book that brings together advice and information that is geared to providing scientifically-grounded information to help patients and their carers navigate their own cancer journey.

It covers everything from the patient-doctor relationship, to diet, stress reduction, clinical trials, scientific papers, treatments abroad, ablative therapies and more. It is a handbook for the proactive patient, providing scientific information and the tools to make complex decisions at all stages of treatment.

Pan Pantziarka is a Star Throwers Trustee and a scientist actively working in drug repurposing research, looking at non-cancer drugs which may be effective against cancer. He lost his first wife and later his teenage son to cancer, and has wide personal experience of the issues faced by patients and their carers.

This is the book that he wished he’d had available when going through some tough times – it distils both scientific knowledge and personal experience so that it may be useful to others going through similarly tough times.

If knowledge is power, then the Star Throwers Guide To Cancer provides the tools and resources to empower those diagnosed with cancer and their advocates.


How to order

  • Available from Amazon as a paperback (£12.99) or as an Amazon Kindle ebook (£5.99)
  • Direct from Star Throwers – 30 Melton Road, Wymondham, Norfolk NR18 0DB 01953 423304 or

The Star Throwers Guide to Cancer is published by New Paradigm Publishing ( All profits will go to Star Throwers.

Our sincerest thanks to Together Against Cancer for their grant to make this book possible.