Other Cancer Websites

Information and Advice

  • Anticancer.org.uk – a blog on cancer research, information on supplements and treatments, relevant book reviews, links to useful sites and other information that cancer sufferers, their families and friends may find useful.
  • Yes to Life – Yes to Life empowers people with cancer to make informed decisions about their cancer care options. They provide information to guide people through the confusing options for care and lifestyle choices.
  • Cancer Active – website with information on cancer options and making empowered choices.
  • Macmillan – one of the UK’s most comprehensive cancer information and support resources website.
  • Cancer Research UK – comprehensive information about cancer, cancer types, and treatments.
  • Headwrappers  – free support for those suffering hair loss as a result of cancer treatment.
  • It’s On The Ball – a group based in Norwich, Norfolk set up to provide support to patients and their families and raise awareness of testicular cancer.

Breast Cancer

  • Little Lifts – comfort boxes for women with primary breast cancer.
  • Keeping Abreast – support for women considering or who have had breast reconstruction.
  • Flat Friends – support for women who have had mastectomies without breast reconstruction, and those who may face such decisions in the future.


  • Ellie’s Friends – frequent freebies for adults living with cancer. In celebration of Ellie Jeffery, who wanted to make the big C smaller.
  • Cancer Care Parcel – thoughtful gifts for cancer patients.