Janice’s Channel Swim for Star Throwers

In July 2020 our amazing supporter and ex-trustee Janice Whitaker will be swimming the Channel for Star Throwers by taking part in a three-person relay. To find out why Janice is taking on this challenge for Star Throwers, take a look at her story below. You can donate to support Janice via her online giving page.

Janice’s Story

It is nearly 10 years since my mum died suddenly of kidney cancer and then my dad also died of a brain tumour 12 months later. It was the most difficult time of my life and my sister and I struggled to come to terms with it.

By chance I found a leaflet about Starthrowers on the floor in the hospital and the charity became a life line for my sister and I. Dr Henry Mannings, Tina and the staff supported us all with such care and compassion. Living in Wells-next-the-Sea we were very secluded from cancer support networks and during palliative care there was limited help.

The support at Starthrowers gave my parents some hope and kindness which was greatly needed when they had been told by the NHS that there was nothing left they could to do and death was inevitable. When you are told that you loose all hope. Star throwers charity gave them back a mindset of empowerment to look after themselves as best as they could to enjoy the life they had left. They also were supportive to us too. My sister and I met Steven by chance and put him in touch with the charity which he now manages! We also became trustees for the charity in an attempt to give back the kindness and support that we received.

I am a great believer in Karma and with this in mind I have decided to link my passion and love for open water swimming to an opportunity to raise money to help this charity.

Swimming the English Channel is always something I have dreamed about doing. My mum couldn t swim but always wanted my sister and I to be able to – so she will be in my mind all the time ! The mindset you need to tackle the cold, waves, swell, sea sickness, jelly fish stings has to be positive and strong!

I won’t be doing this alone as my two friends Janey and Sarah Jane are going to be my my side as we take on a 3 person channel relay next year. They too are raising money for charities that mean a lot to them so between us all we should make a difference! We can only do that with your help so the smallest donation would be fantastic .. as it all adds up.

We are booked to swim the week beginning 3 rd July 2020. We have a weeks ‘window’ that is weather and tide dependent.

The training involved for this swim is quiet intense and we have been swimming in ‘swim suits only’ all through the winter and will continue to do this for the next 18 months, 3-4 times a week in the sea, in all weathers ! Last winter temperatures dropped to 2 degrees ! We also have to qualify to even attempt it ?

The staff at Wells harbour have been very supportive and will also be taking us out on the boat to swim over the bar in the real North Sea for our training. We are very grateful to the Harbour Master for this support.

Thank you so much for your support x

Live Laugh Love and just keep swimming ?