Cancer Information Service

Star Throwers’ Cancer Information Service is here to help you navigate your cancer journey and the decisions you may face throughout.

Upon receiving a cancer diagnosis, many people feel hopeless and helpless. At Star Throwers, we believe that by becoming informed about your cancer and cancer treatment options you can regain control of their cancer journey and increase your chances of the best possible outcome.

Treatment Options

When someone is diagnosed with cancer, they or their carer often becomes their own ‘cancer researcher’. However, without a medical background or experience reading scientific papers this can lead to conflicting information¬†and websites / literature that cause more confusion.

Star Throwers aims to make peer-reviewed cancer research literature accessible and understandable to you and your loved ones so that you can make informed decisions.

Alternative treatments / Non-conventional treatments

More and more people, when diagnosed with cancer, seek to explore alternative treatments.

Star Throwers does not offer medical advice but we can help you understand the evidence for and against alternative treatments so that you can make an informed decision and avoid those who are simply financially benefiting from desperate cancer patients.

Clinical Trials

If your cancer is incurable or if you have a rare cancer with limited treatment options, then you may wish to explore clinical trials.

Star Throwers can help you understand the nature of different clinical trials and the trial drug(s), inclusion and exclusion criteria, and the availability of any relevant clinical trials.

To book a Cancer Information Session with our Nurse, contact us on 01953 423304.

“I learnt more in 30 minutes at Star Throwers than I did over the course of 5 months since my diagnosis.”

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